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Soccer Tip Free Newsletter

It is over a year now since we sent out any form of free newsletter
so I thought it about time to drop you a quick update on progress here.

I guess the big picture is that things are ticking along just
grand right now.

Long term clients are miles ahead and Louise is on a hottish
streak with 34 winners from her last 50 selections.

The service at Soccer Tip is quite boring really.

We make no claims about being a football entertainment
service with lots of wordy waffle.

Louise and her maths degree are all about the numbers.

Flowery words are rarely the cornerstone of long term profit.
Good numbers are however.

If you after high hype get rich quick stuff we are not for you either.

I often think that those seeking some miraculous holy grail
often end up as failures.

On the other hand those who set lower and more realistic expectations
are often those who succeed long term.

I guess you can point a finger at the tipster industry as whole
and say that as a general rule of thumb there is too much
hype marketing promising instant life changing opportunity.

Is it the fault of tipster clients who get bombarded with such stuff
that that is what they look for instead of taking more realistic
and pragmatic long term attitudes?

What might realistic attitudes be then?

Well I guess you can think of the point of
betting as being an alternate investment approach
for a side pot of cash you can afford to take some risk with.

Stick it in a bank and probably the best you may do
is 3% per annum before tax in a Santander 123 account.

That would be the close to zero risk approach.

Open yourself up to a bit more risk and you may
plump for some form of stocks and shares ISA.
These can either increase or decrease you pot
over a year dependant on how your chosen funds go.
Marketers of these funds often like to push
whatever "monkey with a type writer" fund operator
happened to strike it lucky over the short term.
Loss making funds can also slink away and disappear
as their existence is not an aid to fund marketing.

But if you think average returns from such stuff
it would not be a huge rate of annual return.
You can get a rough feel for averages at this link


So the very safe and fairly safe as per above
are unlikely to give you significant growth.

Don't get me wrong I am not totally against
such ISA funds and hold some myself that have
done a bit better than bank returns.

But I'd never expect them to set the world alight
especially after inflation.

Betting the likes of Louise's advices won't give
you get rich quick lottery style returns.

But history to date would certainly indicate it to be
the basis a highly viable long term investment strategy
for a pot of cash you are prepared to take more than
"stick in the bank" levels of risk with.

I guess if I have any key point here it is about
setting realistic aims and targets for your betting.

Instead of thinking instant wealth instead
think long term strategy which produces
an attractive level of return compared to
more traditional investment approaches.

Compounding of course is your friend long term.
And you really need to think TIME if that is to be
of big benefit.

The above I suspect is the sort of rough mindset
that will make you more prone to be successful long term.

I guess the opposite mind set might be a life of
headless chickenism jumping on every high hype
instant wealth style sales pitch that crosses your path.
That is unfortunately the strategy of too many.

Whether you ever choose to rejoin here again or not
hopefully the thoughts above will be of some long
term benefit to some of you.

If however you do wish to rejoin here note that
we would normally see the £1 two week deal
as a new client only style of thing.

But if you are receiving this newsletter you are
welcome to start off again at the £1 offer on our
home page at http://www.soccer-tip.co.uk

If you are expecting now some do it quick
sort of time pressure I am going to disappoint you.

In fact I am going to say the opposite.

Here is what I suggest you do first.

#1 - Check out the results page and associated spreadsheet at

#2 - Examine the data and devise for yourself a service usage plan.
What would your bank be in £ terms? [ you can add more to it at a later date if you wish ]
What sort of staking approach would you personally favour?
[ It is not up to me to tell you how passive or
aggressive to be with your allocated pot of cash ]

You may even decide to follow only sub sets of Louise's
overall selections.
The break down tab on the spreadsheet for example indicates
some leagues performing better than others.

Compare historic returns against bank and ISA benchmarks.
Obviously you want to see higher returns to compensate for increased risk.
You should see a factor of magnitude diference.

#3 - Then set some decent form of time frame to evaluate on.

I guess what you want at the end of it is a considered plan you can
robotically follow until your defined review point is met.
It's a bit like an attempt to design out of operations
tendencies to be and act like an average human.
If you guys were all robots life would be simpler for us.
Investment turnover on opportunity of long term positive edge
would be a decision based on 100% computed logic.

#1,#2 and #3 above are not exactly rocket science theory.
Yet at the same time if you adopt it for here or for
any other good service they will place you in a position
more likely to succeed long term.

Once you are happy with your plan .. then join for £1

Anyhow what ever the case may be best of luck
with your future betting whether here or elsewhere.

Best Wishes
Site Admin